11 | When Paradise Isn't | A Story of Surviving the Camp Fire
Podsitivity with Jolie HalesFebruary 13, 2023
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11 | When Paradise Isn't | A Story of Surviving the Camp Fire

A woman and her family rise above the ashes after watching everything they knew growing up go up in flames.


In 2018, the world watched as Paradise, California, and its surrounding towns in Butte County, lit up in flames, taking the lives of 85 people and displacing 50,000 more.  Cell phone videos of the fear and devastation appeared all over the internet, giving the rest of us only a terrifying glimpse of what it must have been like to flee a burning city.  And among those videos was one that stood out to many -- a woman, surrounded by flames beating down on her moving car -- calming praying for safety.  In this episode, we interview Brynn Chatfield, the woman behind that very personal-turned-public prayer, and hear how that day unfolded -- from the casual early morning to hours later when she thought this was her last moment on earth.  

Brynn shares not only the details of how her day unfolded, but how she managed to pick herself up after losing everything, with others helping her along the way.  We also talk to Sgt. Daron Wilson, Chief Information Officer at the Camp Fire, about the many ways he saw everyday people step up to the plate to help others in crisis, and what both of them feel that means for humanity.

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