A Message from Jolie

I'm one of those people who stays up-to-date on the news.  I listen to various news stations, podcasts, and political commentaries, and while I find satisfaction in knowing what's going on in the world, keeping up with the news cycle can be emotionally taxing -- so many stories about tragedies, political frustrations, and just all-around negativity.  While I can't change much of the reality concerning hardships happening in the world, I'd like to hope that I can make a small dent in balancing disheartening realities with realities that don't get as much public attention -- true stories about hope, kindness, forgiveness, redemption, miracles -- the fulfilling parts of life that give us the strength to endure that which is difficult.

And so I created Podsitivity.  I didn't do this to make money -- I have a full time job that I enjoy (although there's always the dream of being able to do THIS full time someday).  I made this show because I need this show.  And if I need this show, maybe someone else out there could use it, too.  So I'm determined to do what I can to shine a spotlight on the great amount of good and inspiring people there are out there, one true story at a time.  If you believe as I do that the world could use a bit more hope and positivity, please share an episode with someone you think could use it.

It's time to heal a bit.  It's time to feel a little relief that we are not alone.  There is good out there.  Everywhere.  Let's share it.

Thank you so much for your love and support.

- Jolie 

About the Host

Jolie Hales is an award-winning filmmaker, writer, and appreciator of awesomeness. As a former Disney Ambassador and on-camera spokesperson for the Walt Disney Company, she can often be found performing as an actor, singer, or emcee on stage or in front of her toddler.  She currently works as a content creator in the tech industry.